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是否您常有遇到前方的路人邊走邊聊,邊走邊逛,邊走邊吃,反正就是慢慢走。慢慢走也就算了,還霸佔了整條路,讓後方的人總有卡住了感受。要是後方的人在趕時間,真的是很容易失去耐心。通常你遇到這樣的慢慢走行人你都怎麼辦?是也放慢你的腳步繼續跟隨他,直到前方路寬了,他轉向了或是你轉向了?還是乾脆走進一家小店逛逛?還是想辦法繞過去?還是說一聲”exeuse me”,讓對方讓路?遇到一位慢行者,也許行得通,但是遇到很多慢行者,可能就吃不消了。

在youtube上有一個日本的影片,有人發明了一個小方法,你不用大聲喊說”excuse me”,也不用耐著性子等,更不用左彎右拐的企圖在空隙中殺出一條通路,就能讓前方慢行的路人乖乖讓路。這也不是什麼大發明,但是一點小巧思,卻能讓舊有的東西,有了全新的功能與生命。你不防也試試看。

Have you ever had the following experience: there is a person walking slowly in front of you while chatting on the phone, typing text messages, talking with friends or doing whatever at the same time? The most important thing is that they are walking slowly and blocking your path, especially when you are in a hurry.

How did you usually deal with those slow walkers? Were you patient and slowed down until either you or they changed direction or reach a crossroad? Say “excuse me” to ask them to let you pass? Walk like a snake or crab to try to find a small channel that you could pass by? Or walk into the stores on the street to get away from the situation? In Japan, someone invented a smart and easy tool that quickly gets the slow walker in front of you out of you way. It might not be a radical invention that you have never seen. However, just think a little bit differently so that you could give an old thing a brand new meaning.

I am sharing this video on youtube with you, hope you enjoy it. Maybe you could try it next time when you run into some slow walkers.

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