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If you are interested in TED TALK and you are in Taiwan, then don’t miss the event Taipei Ignite #4. It’s a mini version of TED TALK, each talk only lasts five minutes. During event, you could get a lot of info from various fields, hear different perspectives, I will it’s a good opportunity to create some creativity and innovation sparks in your heads. Steve Jobs said that creativity is all about connecting dots. Hey!Taipei Ignite #4 is going to provides lots of dots at one time, all you need to do is showing up there and connect those dots. How easy and great it is, isn’t it?!

Ignite Taipei #4 (Chinese version) will be held at 3/31 afternoon in Taipei Stock. Make sure you put it on your calendar.

喜歡TED TALK的您,不要錯過了3/31在台北的Taipei Ignite #4.這是個小型的TED TALK,每個主題只有5分鐘,即使你不喜歡其中一個主題,也不過就是5分鐘,之後也就是下一個主題了。通常,很多人因為想說只有5分鐘,姑且聽聽,反而超出預期。因為要在5分鐘裡表達出精華可不是簡單的事,每個演者可都是卯盡全力,簡單扼要地分享精華中的精華。

對於嘗苦於沒有創意創新靈感的人,更是鼓勵您去參加。因為短短時間內各式各樣的資訊一起綻放,想必能在您的腦海裡激盪出不少火花。記得Steve Jobs總說創意就是把不同的事物連結起來嗎?Taipie Ignite #4正是給你這樣的connecting dots的機會,不要錯過。

時間:2012/ 3/31

地點:Taipei Stock 倉庫藝文空間 台北市八德路一段34號3樓

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