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World Creativity and Innovation Week, WCIW, (April 15 – 21) is coming. Are you ready to celebrate your creativity and innovation with your friends, classmates, family, colleagues or just yourself?

For those people who are not familiar with this WCIW, I copied some words from the WCIW website below. If you are interested in learning more about it, please goes to here. Also, please join us to celebrate everyone’s creativity and innovation. Don’t say you are not creative, trust me, you will be surprise that how creative you actually are once you decide to be creative.

# It is about affirming everyone’s ability to generate new ideas (quick – what are 5 reason’s you should get a raise?) and make new decisions (Chinese for dinner tonight, or Italian, maybe Thai – we’ve never had Thai) in any arena – home, school, business, governments – you get the picture.

# It’s about spreading the word and the spark that ignites innovation. If we all do that, then maybe we’ll see beyond our limitations to invent new ways of thinking and acting so the world becomes a better place. Maybe, for example, industries that are on their last legs will achieve revitalization by pursuing new directions.

# It’s about doing something new, something different, having new ideas, harvesting new considerations, putting things together that haven’t been put together before.

# It’s about seeing things in new ways, asking new questions, collaborating with new partners and holding the ground for new ideas to surface.

Look for some ideas to celebrate it? WCIW’s website offers some ideas for you and you could always adapt it or invent your own idea.

Celebrate at home.

Celebrate at school

Celebrate at work

世界創意創新週(4月15-21日)即將到來。你準備好要怎麼慶祝你的的創造力及創新力了嗎? 世界創意創新週WCIW是起於2002年,不論是商場上、家裡、企業內、學校或是社區及一般個人,已經在全球超過46個國家從李奧納多.達文西的生日4/15起到4/21,ㄧ起用各式各樣的方式讓周遭更有生氣與活力,鼓勵自己與周遭的親朋好友一起享受及表達他們的創造力來慶祝人類獨特的創意創新能力。






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